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Studio Fluvie

Video production, presentation, TV advert

In the new year of 2014, we prepared lots of innovations, one of which is the creation of video division called Fluvie. On this occasion we have created a New Year's PF together.

Klient: Fluvie s.r.o.
Realizácia: January 2014

3D version

The new division deserves a new logo and web page. Fluvie Studio s.r.o. deals with the creation of videos, promo recordings of TV and interactive video marketing.

Fluvie Studio is a commercial company operating in the field of video marketing, video production and postproduction, motion and interactive effects. The vision is to capture and express the value of the product through video so that it will uniquely impress recipient and bring success.

Tvoríme krásne, inovatívne a efektívne značky a webstránky.
S láskou, pre vás.

Telefón: +421 949 762 178

Email: info@h24studio.com

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